Chikushi Jogakuen University's campus is blessed with the beautiful nature of Dazaifu.
Students have various opportunities to develop their own individuality and capabilities, ranging from academic experiences to club and group activities, after-school activities, and personal time. The positive climate of the campus helps foster a sense of independence and personal growth. Enjoy a great campus life through the five senses!


1. Library  

The library contains a collection of approximately 240,000 Japanese and Western books, as well as about 1,100 humanities and sciences journals and general periodical titles. There is also an extensive audiovisual section which includes booths for DVDs and PCs as well as many other services.

2. Learning Support Center

The Learning Support Center is a recently added facility that was designed to respond flexibly to various learning needs by providing a wide variety of leaning environments: a group work area, a presentation court, a place for casual meetings/discussions with friends, and a relaxation area.

3. Computer Room

There are seven IT-related facilities located on the campus. Business software that is useful for certification exams has been installed on every computer. 

4. Cafeteria

The university cafeteria, which is stylish, clean and well-lit with natural sunlight, offers a variety of  tasty and nutritious lunch choices. 

5. “Lotus” Convenience Store

This shop sells boxed lunches, snacks, stationary and books, and offers a variety of services, including introductions to student accommodations and the processing of applications for various certification exams.  

6. Tea-Ceremony House

In one corner of the campus, there is an authentic Japanese-style tea house used for practicing and performing traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

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