We aim to be an integrated educational institution
that continues to offer a vibrant and
dynamic learning environment from generation to generation.

What is the message our school wishes to convey? More than anything, we at Chikushi Jogakuen take pride in our distinctive educational principles based on the teachings of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.

As the number of all-girls schools continues to decrease, we believe it is important now, of all times, to focus on promoting the valuable education that girls can receive at our schools. Furthermore, we want both current students and graduates to feel grateful that they studied at Chikushi Jogakuen, as we believe positive feedback is essential to improving and enhancing our learning environment.

As much as we would like to say that our graduates will “step into a society where women will shine”, the reality is somewhat different. Women are still a step behind their male counterparts and the glass ceiling is a fact of Japanese society today. It is our mission to take up the challenge of tackling these disparities head on with a pioneering spirit, and educate women who will blaze a trail and achieve their goals.

The Buddhist teaching of ekayāna (one vehicle) tells us that all people can achieve Buddhahood. In today’s Japan, the spirit of unity in community is not in the forefront of consciousness as it once was. However, it is the mission of our school to educate each and every child and student, and to offer them an education that can answer the questions they ponder as we endeavor to bring to fruition their unlimited potential.