Chikushi Jogakuen University’s founding principles are based on the teachings of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. In line with our motto of “self-reflection, harmony and gratitude,” our fundamental philosophy is to create a new era by encouraging young women to wake up to the limitless possibilities of life and nurture individuals who can realize their true potential in society.

Our goal is to help students learn how to live deeper and more fulfilling lives during their time at the university, and guide them to develop into independent women.

Faculty of Literature

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Based on specialist knowledge of Japanese language, literature and culture, students develop a rich and precise awareness of language, the ability to concisely express themselves, logical thinking skills, and learn the communication skills needed to flourish in a broad range of fields in society.

Department of English

Based on specialist knowledge of English language, literature and culture relating to the English-speaking world, students develop sophisticated communication skills in English and a cosmopolitan outlook that allows them to empathize with others, and learn the skills needed to play an active part in our increasingly globalized world.

Department of Asian Studies

Students deepen their understanding of the diverse social conditions in Asia in an experiential and multidirectional way from the perspectives of language, society and culture. They also cultivate the skills needed to contribute to the development of a globally inclusive society through wide-reaching perspectives and compassion.

Faculty of Human Sciences

Major in Clinical Psychology for Human Development

Students develop a deep interest in and solid knowledge of the workings of the mind and human development.They learn to become key drivers of an inclusive society, who can respect and support the diversity of all individuals.

Major in Social Welfare

Students learn the specialist skills in social welfare that are needed to assist people who are experiencing hardships of some kind (such as poverty, social isolation, or those who are unable to receive necessary medical treatment or care).

Major in Elementary Education

This major trains students to become professionals in elementary education, whose role is to support the development of children, the next generation of our society. Students learn specialist knowledge and techniques relating to elementary education along with a wide range of practical skills.

Major in Early Childhood Care and Education

This major trains students to become professionals in childcare, whose role is to get close to and support children and their guardians in promoting the healthy development of children. Students learn specialist knowledge and techniques relating to childcare along with a wide range of practical skills along with a deep understanding of the welfare and psychology of children and guardians.

Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies

Department of Contemporary Social Studies

Having understood the fundamentals of sociology and developed the ability to engage in surveys and research, students learn about the aspects of business, regional design, media design and popular culture in contemporary society. They also develop the ability to contribute to a diverse range of fields in society through the acquisition of problem-solving abilities, communication skills and independent thinking.


The Graduate School of Human Sciences

The Graduate School of Human Sciences seeks to develop students who have a fine balance of both sophisticated specialist knowledge and adaptable practical skills. They also obtain a deep understanding of human nature from a broad range of academic disciplines, including language, culture, welfare and psychology. They can independently find appropriate measures for multifaceted support to solve issues facing humanity and society.