We help students acquire solid academic abilities, and encourage unconstrained development of sound minds and bodies, attaching importance to continuous learning and friendship over the six years of their enrollment.

Integrated Junior & Senior High School

The 6-year Integrated Junior & Senior High academic program is designed to develop academic ability in 3 stages.

The Integrated Junior & Senior High academic program is not interrupted by a high school entrance exam, enabling students to take full advantage of the whole 6 years, where they can experience the joy of thinking and discovery in an unconstrained environment suited to each student’s level in order to attain a sound academic foundation.

Four Features of the Chikujo Curriculum

1. Integrated Junior & Senior High Curriculum over a Full 6 Years

Class hours far outnumber those in public Junior and Senior High Schools, providing an enriching 50-minute class in the curriculum. Due to the fact that there is no fragmentation resulting from high school entrance exams, students can spend a full 6 years experiencing the joy of thinking and discovery while attaining a sound academic foundation.

2. Integrated Education Merit – Advanced Learning

All classes from the 1st year in Junior High School receive advanced learning over 5 subjects. Classes are organized according to academic proficiency and appropriate content, text material and testing promotes steady academic improvement.

3. High level classes for students aiming for top level public and private universities

Curricular and extra-curricular classes (high school) are based on a detailed syllabus. Course and curriculum segmentation, based on each individual’s goals and proficiency, enables students to gain genuine academic progress. By tackling high level content, students can cultivate the necessary academic level to realize their goals.

4. The approach to suits the many styles of university entrance exams.
  1.  Starting with the general entrance exam, flexible guidance is given toward the diversified university entrance exams.
  2.  For students who wish to study the sciences at university three courses of study are provided: Public University Course, Private University Course, and in the 3rd year of high school Nursing and Medical Studies Course. The curriculum of each course is tailored to meet the detailed needs of each of the clearly defined pathways.
  3. Practical guidance is provided for the mandatory essay required for university entrance examinations by commendation or A. O. (Admissions Office) entrance examination. A mock essay exam is conducted for all high school year 1,2 & 3 students.
  4. After school extra-curricular lectures are provided in the 3rd year of high school.

Integrated Junior & Senior High Academic Program

Special Select Preparatory, Select Preparatory Class

Some separate text materials are used for the advanced level learning content students in the class aim for. From the 3rd year in junior high school the math and English level accelerates, increasing academic ability. Special lectures are also held during extended holiday periods.

University Preparatory Class

While conducting advanced learning, students revise the required learning content. In extended holiday periods the Academic Enhancement Supplementary Classes provide students an opportunity to strengthen their weaker areas and reinforce their basic academic abilities.

Annual Class Changes!

Upon the announcement of the entrance exam results, all the successful applicants are divided into classes to start the first year of junior high school. From the second year, individual class rolls will change annually, and from the third year, the top achieving students will be divided into the Special Select Class and the Select Class. (In high school class roll is limited to junior-senior high school integrated students). This system maintains students’ continuous desire to achieve.


Chikujo Student Daily Schedule

Chikujo Yearly Schedule

An active and fulfilling school year awaits you at Chikujo!

First Semester

Second Semester


Various English learning programs are provided so that students can develop the ability to make themselves clearly understood in English, which is essential for becoming an internationally-minded person in the future.

Grade 1st year of
junior high school
2nd year of
junior high school
3rd year of
junior high school
1st year of
high school
2nd year of
high school
3rd year of
high school
Objeclives Students are expected to enjoy communication in English and develop an international perspective through English learning. Through an English study abroad program, students are expected to develop a global perspective, have an opportunity to consider a future vision, and pursue a path to improve their English ability. Students are expected to raise their English language ability sufficiently to go on to university as well as to realize to their future visions.
TOFEL(PBT) 300~ 350~ 400~ 450~ 500~550
TOEIC   450~ 500~ 620~
Study abroad programs     ■ Short-term study program in Hawaii(1 month)  
Short-term study abroad programs   ■ School excursion in Australia
(8 days & 7 nights)

■Global Leadership Program in US (11days)
■Study program in UK (10days)

Domestic/in school training programs

■ New student orientation

■ English conversation class
(once a week)

■ Summer training program
(3 days & 2 nights)

■ High-level English course

■ High-level English course for study program in UK

■ High-level English course for study program in UK

■ School trip
(Overseas, Domestic)

■ Seminar for studying at university abroad

■Compulsory ■Optional