We provide three years for students to enjoy an unhurried, fulfilling time to enhance themselves, while envisioning their dreams for the future.

Special preparatory course

The Special Preparatory Course aims to advance academic proficiency in the five designated subjects of the National Center Test for University Admissions, as well as incorporate a curriculum covering the specialist subjects needed for the secondary examination, and develop the academic level required to pass the national and public university general entrance examinations. The school environment of having all classmates concentrate on their studies motivates students to maintain the desire to achieve, as the whole class takes on the challenge over three years to reach this goal.

Our Special Programs focus on University Entrance Examinations

  • Provide a wide range of instruction from basic to applied that is required for top level national and public university entrance examinations.
  • Nurture academic proficiency to a level required for top level private university entrance examinations.
  • Special after school extra-curricular classes in the 1st and 2nd year, and after school extra-curricular lectures in the 3rd year.
  • Tsuimu (Chase Your Dream) Lecture (Guest Lectures by University Professors) for the Special Preparatory Course

Step-up goals for each school year

Preparation for selection of Arts or Sciences, working toward top level university entrance examinations

Public University oriented classes
Special extra-curricular classes to improve ability are held after school three days per week.

Arts and Science major classes divided, in an attempt to achieve major improvements in ability

Classes are divided into Public University Arts majors and Science majors in order to gain sufficient proficiency to take the National Center Test for University Admissions.

Each course brings definite academic improvement.

Each course has its own unique curriculum.
Academic skills required for the secondary entrance examinations of Public Universities

University preparatory course

The University Preparatory Course is not only designed for the student aiming for and public universities, but the curriculum accommodates a wide variety of pathways including private universities that have a limited number of entrance exam subjects. Furthermore, in order to help students concentrate on their goal, classes are divided into three courses in the 2nd year, and five courses in the 3rd year so that students can choose the course best suited for the type of entrance exam held by their first-choice university. By early selection of their future pathway, students can work on even higher level university exam studies. This system has seen results in recent years with many successful candidates passing entrance exams at top level private, nursing and medical universities.

Our Special Programs focusing on University Entrance Examinations

  • Guidance on entrance exam studies for a wide variety of pathway choices from public universities to local private universities
  • After school extra-curricular lectures provided in the 3rd year
  • Practical guidance provided for the mandatory essay required for university entrance examinations by commendation or A. O. (Admissions Office) entrance examination. A mock essay exam is conducted for all high school year 1, 2 & 3 students.

Step-up goals for each school year

Establishing Basic Academic Abilities, Preparation for Selection of Arts or Sciences

While attaining basic academic abilities, preparation commences for the selection of Arts or Science Course.
Through the early selection of future pathway, the road to the student’s goal becomes clear.


Course selection based on pathway

In the 2nd year, courses branch into Private University Arts, Public University Arts, and Sciences.
The unique course curriculum is designed to develop the necessary academic level to pass the university entrance examinations.

Detailed guidance to realize success

Private University Arts, Public University Arts, Private University Sciences, Nursing/Medical, Public University Sciences.
Students gain the required academic proficiency to pass each specialized university entrance examination.


Chikujo Student Daily Schedule

Chikujo Yearly Schedule

An active and fulfilling school year awaits you at Chikujo!

First Semester

Second Semester


Various English learning programs are provided so that students can develop an ability to make themselves clearly understood in English, which is essential to become an internationally-minded person in the future.

Grade 1st year of high school 2nd year of high school 3rd year of high school
Objectives Students are expected to raise their English language ability sufficiently to go on to university as well as to realize their future visions.
TOEFL(PBT) 450 ~ 500 ~ 550
TOEIC 500 ~ 620 ~
Study abroad programs ■ Study abroad program in Hawaii (1 month)  
Short-term study
abroad programs
■ Short-term in US (10 days)
■ Short-term in UK (10 days)
training programs

■ High-level English course for study program in UK

■ High-level English course in UK

■ School trip (Overseas, Domestic)

■ Seminar for studying at university abroad

■ Optional ■ Compulsory