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  • Nurturing highly-educated, broad-minded women with enriched minds
  • Based on Buddhist teachings, we foster women with a high sensitivity and a broad range of general knowledge and who have the necessary pride and courage to play an active role in initiating a new era.

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Nurture basic Japanese language ability and specialized knowledge,
and improve the ability to think, create and communicate.

Department of English

Promote a well-balanced improvement of comprehensive English ability
and increase English communicative skills.

Department of English and Multimedia Studies

Multi-layered learning of English communication,
media and related knowledge and techniques.

Department of Asian Studies

Nurture those who can contribute to the international community with a focus
on understanding the languages, cultures and societies in the Asian region.

Department of Human Sciences

Course of Human Relations

Major in Clinical Psychology for Human Development

To understand the multi-faceted heart of a person depending on the stage of development, students learn the appropriate support method from theory to practice.

Major in Social Welfare

The program renders spiritually rich social welfare professionals who learn to use a wide range of consulting techniques for both legal and institutional support.

Course of Human Development and Education

Major in Elementary Education

The program produces experts in primary education who specialize in understanding the variety of environments surrounding children.

Major in Early Childhood Care and Education

From expanding the lessons and exercises of cooperation in the field of nursery education, the program develops caregivers who are endeared in the hearts of parents and children.

Department of Contemporary Social Studies

Major in Business Studies

Learn about the business community by using a scientific approach.
The major focusses on management strategies, marketing and the tourism industry.

Major in Media Studies

This major centers mainly on social media, journalism and advertising. Students learn about the culture of media society.

Major in Environmental Studies

This major focusses on society and its harmony with the environment. Special attention is given to the relationship between environmental issues and nature, social and business activities as well as community development and residential housing.

The Graduate School of Human Sciences

Nurture highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals
with a deep understanding of human beings and who have diversified human support skills.

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