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For over 100 years since 1907,
Chikushi Jogakuen has been nurturing women's self-awareness

The founder of the Chikushi Jogakuen school system was Rev. Tetsuei Mizuki.
He had traveled to the United States at the turn of the last century as a Shin Buddhist missionary affiliated with the
Hompa Honganji temple. While there, he observed that religiously based education for women was widely available,
and he was deeply impressed by its impact. On his return to Japan, he embraced as his lifework the establishment of
women's education rooted in the spirit of the Buddhist tradition. His aspirations culminated with the founding of
Chikushi Jogakuen. Amid the great changes in society during its long history, the school system has consistently
nurtured women's self-awareness and personal integrity.

Future vision

1 Based on our foundation principles, practice education with emphasis on the importance of "life".
2 Demonstrate to society the importance of women's education.
3 Increase the collective strength of the school and promote educational reform.
4 Design individual-oriented guidance with the educational needs of each student in mind at each level from kindergarten to university.
5 Create a learning environment with campus facilities to support each level of education from kindergarten to university.
6 Emphasize the importance of friendships made at school and widen each circle of friendship.
7 Contribute to the local community by using the schools' educational infrastructure.
8 Enhance international exchange by promoting a school that connects Fukuoka to the world.

Visual identity

Reliable and compassionate education.

Compassionate education, where teachers take an interest in each student's progress,
nurture strong individuals and increase their motivation.
Based on the school's founding principles, all teachers concentrate on providing a
sound education. This expresses the attitude toward education at Chikushi Jogakuen.


1907 Chikushi Girls' High School Founded
1947 Chikushi Girls' Junior High School Founded
1948 Chikushi Girls' Senior High School Founded
1965 Chikushi Jogakuen Junior College Founded (Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Home Economics)
1969 Department of Preschool Education added to the Junior College
1972 The Kindergarten Attached to Chikushi Jogakuen University Junior College Founded
1988 Chikushi Jogakuen University Founded
(Faculty of Literature: Department of Japanese Language and
Literature and Department of English)
1999 University : Department of Asian Studies and Department of Human Welfare added to the Faculty of Literature
2002 University : Department of Clinical Psychology for Human Development added to the Faculty of Literature
2005 University : Department of English and Multimedia Studies and Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts opened
2007 Graduate School,Chikushi Jogakuen University Founded
(School of Human Sciences)
2011 University : Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Human Sciences opened
2015 University : Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies opened
2016 Chikushi Jogakuen University Junior College Closed
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