• CHIKUSHI JOGAKUEN KINDERGARTEN AFFILIATED WITH UNIVERSITY JUNIOR COLLEGE Each child grows healthy both physically and mentally while playing with friends in the sun.
  • Cultural club activitiesCultural club activities help students enrich their life by developing a broad range of knowledge. Many clubs' activities have received domestic acclaim.
  • Sports club activitiesSports club activities help students obtain physical exercise as well as develop social and other skills required in life.


We provide three years for students to enjoy unhurried, fulfilled time to enhance themselves, while envisioning their dreams for the future.

First years

Common program
Common program

Second years

University arts major course 1
University arts major course 2
University science major course
Common program

Third year

University arts major course 1
University arts major course 2
University science major course 1
University science major course 2
University science major course 3
University arts major course
University science major course

University preparatory course

First year / Developing basic academic abilities

The first-year program is designed to develop the basic academic abilities of the students and prepare them to select either the "university arts major course" or "university science major course."

Second years / Enhancing academic abilities according to the students' future course of study

The students select their course of study from among the "private university arts major course," "national/public university arts major course" and "university science major course," in consideration of their intended academic path after graduation. Each course provides its own curriculum, aiming at strengthening students' academic abilities.

Third year / Providing finely-tuned guidance to help the students proceed to their intended path

The third-year program is structured with further division of courses: the "private university arts major course," "national/public university arts major course," "private university science major course," "nursing and medical major course" and "national/public university science major course." The program aims to equip the students with firm academic abilities enabling them to proceed to their intended academic path.

Special preparatory course

First year / Establishing study habits for taking entrance examinations for top-level universities

All classes are provided with a focus on preparation for entrance examinations for national/public universities. Together with the after-school special extra-curricular program, the first-year program aims at enhancing the students' academic abilities.

Second year / Ensuring a quantum leap in academic abilities

Prior to the course selection in the third year of high school, second-year students aim to acquire a sufficient level of academic ability to prepare for an entrance examination for the national/ public university of their choice.

Third year / Attaining genuine academic abilities

Third-year students select either the "national/ public university arts major course" or "national/ public university science major course." A curriculum specifically designed for each course enables students to acquire genuine academic abilities to compete in the entrance examinations for the national/public universities of their choice.


We will introduce you to one day of our school life.


Morning session / A serene day of school life starts by making a bow before entering the front gate of school.


Lunch break / We enjoy lunch time with friends in a classroom or cafeteria.


Afternoon classes / We work seriously in afternoon classes as well.


Club activities / We engage in sports or cultural club activities after class.


After school / We make a bow before leaving school.


Various English learning programs are provided so that students can develop an ability to make
themselves clearly understood in English, which is essential to become an internationally-minded person in the future.

Grade 1st year of high school 2nd year of high school 3rd year of high school
Objectives Students are expected to raise their English-language ability sufficiently to go on to university as well as realize their future visions.
TOEFL(PBT) 450 ~ 500 ~ 550
TOEIC 500 ~ 620 ~
Study abroad programs ■ Short-term study program in Hawaii (1 month)  
Short-term study
abroad programs
■ Study program in US (10 days)
■ Study program in UK (10 days)
training programs
■ High-level English study course in UK■ School trip (Overseas, Domestic) ■ Seminar for studying in
   University abroad

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